Mastercraft Mastercraft tires are built for everyday performance, created for tough conditions, and made to keep you safe and in control. Engineered to deliver excellence day after day, Mastercraft offers all-season, off-road, and winter tires that can be used on cars, minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. If you are looking to get a set of new Mastercraft tires on your vehicle, schedule an appointment for a Zohr technician to bring the tire shop to your home or office and replace your old tires with your new set of Mastercraft tires.

Mastercraft tire models

Light Truck tires

Light Truck/SUV tires

Passenger tires

All Season
A/S IV Avenger HP P794
All Season/Touring
Avenger Touring LSR (T-Rated)
All Season/Touring Highway Tread
Courser HTR (SUV) Courser HTR Plus Courser STR Stratus HT
All Season/Touring Mud Terrain
Courser MT
All Season/Touring Winter
Courser MSR Courser MSR (SUV) Glacier Grip II
All Terrain
Courser AXT Courser LTR
High Performance All Season
Stratus AS
High Performance Passenger
Courser HSX Tour MC 440
Highway Tread
Courser HXT
Performance All Season
Avenger G/T
Ultra High Performance Passenger
Avenger M8 LSR Grand Touring MC-440 (H/V- Rated)

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