Yes, we do price match most tire retailers. We pride ourselves on offering new tires and a quality service at a competitive price.

Yes, we offer quick and easy financing through Affirm. Contact us for more details or to see if you're elibile.

Mounting and balancing prices range from $25 to $40 per tire depending on the size and type of your tire. You can see your by adding your tire size on the home page. Please contact us if you need help booking an appointment or selecting tires.

We have access to thousands of tires and many speciality tires that aren't listed on our website. If you are having trouble finding specifc tires, contact us and we'll source them for you at the best price.

Yes, we offer road hazard protection on all tires for an additional cost. Free road hazard protection maybe available on select tire brands. Call or text us for more information.

Yes, we sell all brands, models and sizes of wheels including most OEM styles and aftermarket wheels. Call, text or message us for quotes or help finding a specific wheel.

No, at this time we do not offer lifetime tire rotations or lifetime wheel rebalancing. However, we are able to offer tire rotations and wheel rebalancing when you need them.

Yes, we repair flat tires using a patch and plug combination method. As long as the puncture is in a repairable location, we will repair your tires.

No, we do not perform roadside repairs. We will however, come to you home or office to repair your tires.

If you are stuck on the side of the road, we recommend you move your car to a safe location or get it towed to your home, office or a nearby parking lot, where we can safely perform the service.

Yes, we offer wheel refinishing services. This includes pickup, powder coating, delivery and reinstallation of the wheels. We can refinish the wheels in any color of your choice. Typical turnaround times range between 36-48 hours depending on the finish you need. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we offer wheel repair services including curb rash repair, wheel straigtening and wheel refinishing. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we stand behind our work with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all tire services. If you are not 100% satisfied with our worksmanship, we will come back and fix the issue, free of charge.

No, at this time we do not offer oil changes.

Yes, we offer seasonal tire swaps including on-rim tire rotation and rebalancing services and off-rim tire replacement services. When reinstalling seasonal tires, we do make sure the tires are not out of date and are safe to drive on.

We do not advertise tire or wheel storage services but can certainly help. Contact us for details.

Yes, we do install new tires that you may have purchased from a different retailer, however, a tire handling fee does apply.

Most of our onsite tire services cost the same if not less than a traditional tire store. We offer very competitve pricing on tires and tire replacement services, however, a flat tire repair or a single tire replacement service may cost you more than going to a brick-n-mortar tire store. We also always encourage our customers to account for their time saving when making the comparison between us a regular tire shop.

Our tire installation prices includes tire mounting, new rubber valve stems, wheel balancing, re-installation of the wheels back on your vehicle and any TPMS relearn that may need to be performed.

TPMS sensor rebuild, TPMS sensor replacement and tire recycling fees are not included in the tire installation price.

Yes, we will take your old tires away and process them for recycling.

Yes, we care deeply about the environment and  recycle all used tires.

Yes, we do install used tires that meet our safety standards. This includes that the used tires have:

  • Production date is no more than 6 years from the current date
  • Adequate tread depth (more than 4/32")
  • No visible punctures
  • No abnormal tread wear
  • No visible dry rotting.

We do recommend that you send us a photo of the tires before placing an order. A photo of the DOT number on the tire can help us determine the tire's age.

No, you do not have to be present while the service is being performed.

If you don't plan on being present, we do suggest you leave your keys in safe location where we can access them. We need your keys to locate the wheel lock key and potentially perform a TPMS relearn procedure.