For most car owners in Grapevine, Texas, tires tend to wear at a fairly even rate, especially if you stay on top of your recommended tire rotation schedule. Occasionally, however, a single tire can wear unevenly or might suffer from irreparable damage due to a puncture, pothole, or blowout. While it’s obviously tempting to replace only that one tire, there are numerous reasons why you should buy 4 tires at a time.

That’s not to say you always have to buy 4 tires at a time. If your tires are all relatively new with low mileage and minimal tread loss, then a single tire replacement might not be an issue. That’s rarely the case, however, and in those situations, you might even be covered by a warranty (check your original paperwork).

Why can’t I buy just one tire?

There’s no alarm that goes off if you try to purchase a single tire online or anywhere locally in Grapevine, Texas. You technically can do it, but it’s rarely recommended. That’s especially true with modern vehicles equipped with traction control systems. Minor variations in overall diameter from one tire to another can cause traction control, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), and anti-lock braking systems (ABS) to work unpredictably. These systems take information from various sensors in the car to ensure safe handling, but when tires are spinning at different rates of speed, they aren’t always able to work reliably.

Plus, even when you purchase the exact same tire as a replacement, the grip and handling characteristics will be different than the tires that are worn in. Newer tires offer improved grip, turn-in response, braking capabilities, and water evacuation when roads are wet. These are all magnified even further when you’re driving around in on a cold and windy winter morning in Grapevine.

The cost of buying four new tires when you weren’t planning to is obviously a big drawback, especially if the other three tires still have enough tread to get you thousands or tens of thousands of miles farther. In that case, you might consider buying just the one tire you need to replace, but have it shaved down to the exact same tread depth as the other three tires.

This procedure should only be done by professionals with tire-shaving equipment, and it can only be done on a brand-new tire, but as long as you purchase the same exact tire brand, model, and size, it is an option. And while removing measurable rubber from a brand-new tire might seem like just throwing money away, it could be a more cost-effective approach than buying all four tires, and it will ensure safe and predictable handling.

Should tires be replaced in pairs?

When you’re stuck with needing a single tire, but you realize replacing just one could create a dangerous handling situation for your car, you may want an option other than buying all four. So, what about replacing just pair of tires on the same axle?

Replacing two tires on the same axle might be a viable option on front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles as long as the tread depth is within 2/32 to 4/32 of the other two tires, and they should still be the exact same brand, model, and tire size as the others. One situation when buying tires in pairs is often a good option is with performance cars that have staggered wheels (larger in the front than back), but it’s still highly recommended to keep the same brand and tire model.

With all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, replacing one or two tires at a time might not ever be recommended. With the varying tire diameters, the drive system might be engaging driven wheels when it isn’t necessary. In cases of AWD cars and trucks, it’s generally recommended to replace all four tires at once.

Do all four tires need to match?

The only time it’s really acceptable to have different sized tires is as mentioned above, when you have a performance vehicle that has wider tires in the rear than in the front. Otherwise, mismatched tire sizes won’t do anything good for you.

As we’ve mentioned, you should always make sure to have the same brand, model, and size on all four corners of your vehicle. But if they’re all the same size, why do the brand and model matter? There are several reasons.

Just because four different tires have the same size listed on the sidewalls doesn’t mean they actually measure the same. The measured width and diameter vary not only between manufacturers but also between tire models within a given brand.

Beyond just the tire size, the construction and rubber compounds between tires will vary significantly. Sidewall stiffness, tread pattern, tread depth, and even the compounds that make up the tire rubber deliver different handling characteristics. You want to know exactly how every corner of your car is going to react to driver input, so stick with the same tires on all wheels.

Whether it’s rain, snow, or heat, or if you’re turning, accelerating, or in the middle of an emergency braking situation, mismatched tires can cause extremely unpredictable behavior. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor by having all four matching tires.

How long does it take to put on 4 tires? 

For many people, just the thought of having tires replaced is a burden. Finding the time to drive down to a tire shop, wait for your turn in the service bay, and then continue to wait for them to dismount your old tires and then mount and balance the new ones…that’s a big time commitment most busy people simply can’t make. You’re effectively wasting hours of your weekend or missing a substantial part of your workday to have new tires installed.

Why would you waste all that time when you can have Zohr come to you in right here Grapevine? With expert technicians and fully-equipped mobile tire shops, Zohr will go to your business, home, or just about anywhere that’s most convenient for you. Spend time with your friends, family, or getting work done while we’re outside taking care of your tire needs.

Zohr will go to you, just about anywhere you are to check your tires and see if they need repair or replacement. Our enthusiast technicians will perform any needed work while you do something other than sit around in the waiting room of a tire shop. Contact Zohr online or call/text us at 816-800-9175 to schedule a mobile tire service appointment in Grapevine today. We will meet you at home, your business, or wherever is most convenient for you.



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