Getting a flat tire never happens at a good time or in a convenient location. Whether you need to run a few errands, commute to or from work, or if you just want to go pick up some food to avoid cooking, a flat tire can ruin your day. And if you walk out of your office or are about to leave your house in Addison, Texas and notice a flat or underinflated tire, how are you supposed to safely drive to a tire shop to get it repaired? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is contact the new mobile flat tire repair provider in Dallas: Zohr.

If you’re in Addison, or just about anywhere in the Dallas area, all you have to do is call or send a text message to 214-972-3291. You can also contact Zohr online, and a mobile tire technician will go to your location (seriously, work, home, or your girlfriend’s place) and repair your flat tire while you spend your time dealing with more important things—or doing nothing at all. Either way, you don’t have to find a tire shop in Addison  and risk further tire damage by driving on a flat tire— Zohr will repair your tires just about wherever you are in one of our fully-equipped mobile tire shops.

How much does flat tire repair cost?

Pricing for flat tire repair and all tire services are listed on the Zohr website, and the prices are comparable to what you would be expected to pay if you were in a traditional tire shop. So, considering the fact that you don’t have to go to a tire shop, we’d say it’s a win all around. Plus, our mobile tire technicians will do much more than just plug your tire and leave. Our technicians are trained professionals who also happen to be major auto enthusiasts, so they treat every vehicle as if it were their own, and we don’t believe in just a simple plug that might get you by for just a short while. We provide complete mobile tire repair service.

First, your tire will be examined to see exactly caused your flat tire, where the damage is located, and to what extent the tire is damaged. As long as the damage isn’t too extensive or in an unsafe location on the tire, as listed on our Flat Tire Repair page, then your wheel will be taken off your car or truck, the tire will be dismounted from the wheel, and the damaged area will be fully prepared for both a plug and internal patch. Once the tire has been plugged and patched, our technician will handle the mounting and balancing in our mobile tire shop and re-mount the wheel to your vehicle. This method of flat tire repair ensures a permanent fix that you’ll never have to worry about again.

How do I know if my flat tire can be repaired?

If you’re not sure what caused your flat tire or where the damage is, you don’t have to worry about it. That’s what we’re here for. As stated above, a Zohr tire professional will be able to diagnose whatever the damage may be. On the other hand, if you can see the puncture, here are some basic visual guidelines to know if it can be repaired:

  • Puncture is in the center portion of the tire tread
  • Tread depth is at or above the minimum recommended depth of 2/32”
  • There’s not a pre-existing repair patch in the same location
  • Sidewall and shoulder are not damaged
  • No other visible tire damage (cracking from age, etc.)
  • Tire is not designated as a run-flat

And what if you have a run-flat tire with a puncture or blowout, or if your damage on a regular tire is too extensive to be repaired or is located on the outer shoulder or on the sidewall? Not all tires can be repaired, but Zohr shows up prepared for that possibility. After verifying your vehicle information and tire sizes when you contact us, our technicians will arrive with an appropriate replacement tire also just in case.

Remember, beyond what your typical tire shop in Addison, TX can offer, Zohr is fully mobile with access to just about any replacement tire and size you might need. Whether it’s a run-flat, all-terrain, high-performance, or any other category of tire, we’ll get your vehicle taken care of when and where you need us.

Get your flat tire repaired in Addison, TX (or anywhere in Dallas)

Zohr is proud to be your new mobile flat tire repair provider in the Dallas area, and our mobile tire technicians are ready to go to your home, office, or just about anywhere you need us to handle your flat tire repair. 

If you’ve found a flat tire on your vehicle or noticed a slow leak, contact Zohr online or call/text us at 816-800-9175. Our mobile technicians will examine, prepare, and professionally repair your tire(s) in one of our mobile tire shops, so you can continue to work, play, sleep, or do anything other than worrying about your tires.

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