You’re not new to this. If you’ve been managing a fleet for any period of time, you know that time is money, just as with any other aspect of your business. It’s even more money when the people taking up that time are experts in their fields, and you have to pay them to wait at a tire shop. When time is money , waiting in a tire shop lobby is wasted money. There is a solution to this decade old dilemma, and we’re putting a 20th century spin on it to solve the problem. 

It’s a simple concept that started with individual, private customers. People are busy, so instead of making them wait at some tire shop, why not take the tire shop to them? We equipped our mobile service vehicles with everything our fully-trained tire technicians needed to replace and balance consumer tires on-site. That meant driveways, office parking lots, or wherever our customers wanted.

That was only a few years ago, and it caught on. People loved our simple concept so much, in fact, that we’re now a multi-city operation across three states, servicing a coverage area of millions. 

If our individual customers love our services this much as a matter of convenience, imagine what we can do for your business, when “convenience” isn’t just nice— it saves you money. 

Here’s how Zohr fleet services work: Reach out to us and we’ll tailor a fleet vehicle maintenance program specifically for your operation. Our fleet tire maintenance program includes replacement, repair, balance, and rotation. We also test and replace old batteries. We handle business accounts of all sizes, whether your operation has one truck or one hundred. 

Then we send our own fleet to meet yours. Just as with our individual customers, you get to decide when and where that is. We can actually send a van to service one of your vehicles while it’s on the jobsite. Your technicians and other employees will have full access to their vehicles while we replace your tires or battery, and we won’t interrupt your work. All payment is handled in advance. 

So instead of paying one of your highly-trained technicians to sit in a tire shop waiting room, you pay them to do what they should be doing anyway— work. You won’t even need to pull the vehicle out of the field. 

Alternatively, we can perform your fleet maintenance when your vehicles are parked in your office parking lot. It’s entirely up to you. We work on your schedule and at your convenience.

Our entire business is fleet-based, so we know how important it is to have our vehicles in excellent shape. Bald tires or a dead battery can mean far more than the price of the materials if they cost you hours on the jobsite or earn you complaints from customers. And with today’s labor shortage, you can’t afford to send someone to wait in a shop with his or her vehicle. 

Time is money. Save both with Zohr Fleet Services. We are the trusted mobile fleet tire maintenance provider for Kansas CIty businesses. Contact us today to get started.

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