Triangle has a lot of diverse tire building experience. Their products are reliable and can be trusted for both your personal vehicles and your business trucks and equipment. From passenger, SUV, and crossover and performance, to light truck, all-terrain, farm, and off-the-road applications, Triangle serves a diverse set of needs. Zohr is the mobile tire shop that will help you find the right Triangle tires for your vehicle and deliver and install them on-site.

Triangle tire models

Light Truck tires

Highway Tread
Mud Terrain
TR643 TR787

Medium/Heavy Truck tires

Passenger tires

All Season/Touring
All Season/Touring Highway Tread
All Season/Touring Passenger
TR248 TR256 TR258 TR288
All Season/Touring Winter
TR777 TR797
High Performance Passenger
TR918 TR928 TR977 TR978
Ultra High Performance
TH201 TR201
Ultra High Performance Passenger
TR967 TR968 UHP TR968

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