Sumitomo One of the most technologically advanced tire manufacturers in the world, Sumitomo offers a wide range of tire models for an array of vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and crossovers, as well as specialty vehicle tires for RVs and commercial trucks. Sumitomo tire ratings prove that each of their designs offer a safe and dependable driving experience. Zohr is the local, mobile tire shop that will help you find the right Sumitomo tires for your vehicle and deliver and install them on-site at your location.

Sumitomo tire models

Light Truck tires

All Terrain
Encounter AT

Light Truck/SUV tires

Medium/Heavy Truck tires

Passenger tires

All Season
SC 628
All Season/Touring Highway Tread
HTR Enhance CX2
All Season/Touring Passenger
HTR ENHANCE C/X HTR T4 Tour Plus LX Touring LS T/H/V
All Season/Touring Winter
Arctic Claw TXI Ice Edge
High Performance Highway Tread
Encounter HT HTR Enhance LX2
High Performance Passenger
Performance All Season
HTR 4 HTR H4 HTR+ Srixon 4
Ultra High Performance
HTR Z5 Touring LS
Ultra High Performance All Season
HTR Enhance WX2

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