Dunlop Direzza DZ102


Performance Summer Summer

Direzza DZ102

Sidewall: Blackwall
UTQG: 460 A A
Warranty: N/A

235 / 45 R17

94 W
  • Aggressive unidirectional tread design
  • Offers better water evacuation performance in wet conditions
  • Offers enhanced performance in wet conditions due to aggressive tread design
  • Silicarbon Matrix™ is a special blend of silica and carbon black
  • Offers enhanced wet and dry traction
  • Offers enhanced wet and dry traction with super abrasion carbon and silica
  • 5-Pitch Technology™ and wear trimming
  • Aid noise reduction and help reduce irregular wear
  • Helps reduce irregular wear and noise as a result of wear trimming
  • Deeper lateral cuts and shoulder grooves
  • Maintain design and performance integrity
  • Helps maintain extended performance and appearance because of deeper lateral cuts and shoulder grooves
  • Performance inspired tread and sidewall design
  • Enhance the overall appearance and ride of the vehicle
  • Smooth performance at highway speeds through Jointless Band Technology™
  • Jointless Band Technology™
  • Enables smooth performance at highway speeds
  • Helps protect rims from curb damage with its Max Flange Shield®
  • Max Flange Shield®
  • Helps protect rims from accidental curb damage

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